Thursday, August 21, 2008

Butterflies and such

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Here is another post with a line of photos from our trip to Hollins farm. This time looking at butterflies and bugs in that line ;-)

You can see the previous post on sunflowers right here.

Not that I am really the big expert on butterflies but Thanks to Cliff I now know that the next two photos is of the female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

Here's a pretty orange one. Not knowing the name of it but hey let's call it Bob ;-)

And finally a couple of close ups made with a 105mm macro I borrowed from Cliff just to see how it works... yeah it's ... man it sure would be nice to have one of those ;-)

Monday, August 18, 2008


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One weekend after getting back from our trip to Denmark we went on a smaller trip (just about 20-30 miles) to Hollins farm to pick peaches and other fruits.

While being there I finally had a chance to get a couple of photos of sunflowers against a blue sky :-)

These photos are the result of the short but very interesting trip.

All of these I created as HDR images which I did by creating multiple exposures bracket around the measured value.
Being rather new to shooting for HDR creation I setup a 5 bracket exposure +/- 1 stop.

Here they are:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Food photography

Just like most of the world you probably know about Martha Stewart. You know all the good cooking, home making, tv shows and so on.

It's kind of funny in a way but I guess we are quite the little Martha Stewart family. I started with adding a tv in the kitchen and what better to watch while cooking and baking than the Martha Stewart show?

So now every episode is recorded and watched. Not "just" by my dear wife Jacki (which btw have a great cooking blog) but also our daughter Emma that just don't want to miss the show for nothing. I think she is paying more attention to Martha Stewart than the Little Einsteins.

Anyway to get on with the photo story... Jacki asked if I could grab the camera and snap a few photos for her food blog.
Now how could I say anything but of course my dear? adding a "let me just grab the flash too while I am at it".

So here is the setup in our kitchen:

Now to show how we prepare the tomatoes and spread them out on a baking sheet with a little bit of olive oil on it. How about getting a close up? and uh uh let's get one where we see your hand sprinkling the tomatoes on the baking sheet ;-)

And just like the cooking shows here are the tomatoes fresh out of the oven.

Ok before you say anything... I know... you don't sit on the table but on the other hand you have to be able to see something... right?
But yeah here is prepping for making a salsa to go along with the meal. Emma being the mini Martha has to be in on everything and we can even pose with parsley (bet that's a new one) ;-)

First we sort and cut the the parsley and pile it up. Gotta cut the stems off and chop it coarse.

Add all the ingredients to a food processor and tada you got the best salsa you could ever have.

Now this is an example what happens when you add a photo crazy husband with a dedicated wife that loves to cook and a mini Martha. It kind of all comes together :-)
Ohh and be sure to check out Jacki's food blog for some great food :-)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Taking a walk

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Being back home (yeah it's confusing) in DK there were a few opportunities to just go out and take a walk. Now that I have been living in the states for a good 4 years the landscape and all seem kind of new to me in some strange way. Now I notice things I never noticed before. If for nothing else then because Jacki is asking about it ;-)

Here are a few flowers lit by the setting sun.

Sometimes simplicity just works better than whatever you construct. The next photo is very very simple. Just a straw with a calm out of focus background. All with the setting sun.

As much as I like waterfalls and all that. A wheat field captured while dragging the shutter... It just does something. Hope you like them.

And finally a little extra from the beach with a very blue sky.

Hope it helped getting you all ready for Friday and you know... Finally it's the weekend :-)