Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A few from the studio

So I have been following the alien bee blog ( for quite a bit and recently saw one topic where a simple light setup was the topic.

So had to give it a go and one should think I have enough girls around the house to try it out sometimes ;-)

After Jacki's interview I grapped a couple of quick shots. Here is one that illustrates the simple light setup worked out pretty good (even though I forgot the reflector). You can btw. find the specific topic here

Update Update Update

And here follows the "old" ones

Just for the fun of it I was experimenting with darkening the edges and well ended up adding an overlay with a highpass layer. What do you think?

Just as I was cleaning up tonite Emma got in and wanted a few photos. So we played around for a bit and just for good measures here is one of Emma and Mom playing around in the studio. Not close to perfect but I guarantee it's fun :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring time photo contest

Write from Karen is holding a photo contest and the theme is Spring Time! If you would, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d hop on over there and vote for my photo (Voting is April 18th - April 21st).

Here from the front yard the flowers start breaking through and what says spring better than the flowers popping out of the ground :-)

Along with spring time the birds are coming back too. Nothing beats a sunny morning sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee just relaxing listening to the birds. Below is one of our spring time visitors which for a while was a very frequent visitor to this particular tree in our backyard.

That is my contribution to the spring time photo contest. If you haven't done so already be sure to visit Karen using the banner below :-)

Photo Contest at