Sunday, February 14, 2010

In a snap

Here is a few photos from experiments I have been trying in photoshop during the days with lots of snow and being inside all day. For all of them I used photoshop filters from the alienskin snap art collection.

The first one is from the summer/fall time where we went out to an orchard to pick apples. They also had a field of sunflowers and I tried photographing the sunflowers with HDR (taking 5 or so photos at different exposures to widen the dynamic range).

Here I applied a oil paint filter in photoshop (snap art landscape slightly modified).

These next ones are a couple of colorful flowers that I photographed a few years back. I loaded them up in photoshop and applied a snap art oil paint with a color boost to bring out the colors.

This one is one of the weeds from a field in the Shenandoah mountains. I know... Going to the mountains and I take a photograph of weeds... however this one I applied a snap art oil paint and centered cropped to get a nice even green background and have the colors stand out.

Finally I tried the same snap art oil paint with weeds from Denmark

I think it goes to show that even with some tools that makes the process simple it is possible to get some decent results in a "snap" so to speak.

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